How to get started with Social Mouse

 1 – Create an account.

If you haven't already, you will need to create a web account at and also an avatar.

If you already have an avatar on the Social Mouse grid you should not fill in the avatar parts (first and last name and avatar) as that will create a brand new avatar instead. Just create the web account and then when you log into the website you will be able to link your account  Link account

 2 – Configure software to access virtual worlds.

Download and install the Firestorm viewer from (make sure to select the one for OpenSim)

When you first start up Firestorm you will see a screen like below.

To add the Social Mouse world, select the Viewer menu and then Preferences..

Now select the Opensim tab on the left

Next type in into the Add new grid box and then click the Apply button

You should see the background change after a second or two. Click on the OK button

You should now see the Social Mouse login page. Type in your avatars name in the Username box, eg Fred Blogs and your password. You may also wish to select the Remember username and Remember password options. If this is your first login (exciting!) then we suggest you change the login location from Last location tHome. For the second and subsequent logins you can choose to login to your last location or type in/select a region name.

Click the Log in button. On this first login, it may take a little longer to verify things so just contain your excitement a little longer!

Once login is complete you should be standing in the Tutorial area and you will hopefully look like the avatar you selected in registration. 

Note: you may start off as an orange
cloud but this should change after a short while.

The tutorial area is set as your 'Home' so you can easily get back here using the Home button in Firestorm. Later, as you discover new places, you can move your home to one of those if you prefer.

 Moving around

By default, Firestorm is set to use your arrow keys for movement, but if you prefer to use the WASD keys on your keyboard, you can set that as follows:

From the top menu, select Avatar and then Preferences (if you like shortcut keys, Ctrl-P will also get you there). Next, on the left, select Move & View. From there click on Movement on the top tab. The first three items relate to movement. Select the second one (Pressing letter keys affects movement (i.e. WASD) instead of starting local chat) to use the WASD keys.

Offline instant message (IM) notification

You can set your account to email offline instant message notifications by going to your SM Acccount page (via the Community menu)

SM Account