Get Started

Thank you for choosing to start your life with The Social Mouse!


**When You are Done Registering your account please return here for more instructions.**


Please begin by going here and registering for an account.


In order to explore, create and interact with the other residents of this world and other worlds you will need to download a Viewer.  A Viewer is a software needed to log in to The Social Mouse and begin your new life! There are many  Third-Party Viewers available, Advance users please click Here for the full list of supported Viewers.

Beginners, I suggest using the FireStorm Viewer it is fully supported in the world and you can get direct help with Firestorm Viewer as it’s more widely used. You can Download that Here 

**Please Choose Your Operating System – Then click the Compatible Viewer labeled “For SL & Opensim”**



Open the viewer, at the top select PREFERENCES then in the opened window click on OpenSim. At the top of this panel you want to copy and paste in the ADD NEW GRID box, then click on APPLY.


At the bottom of your viewer put your Avatar’s First and Last name ( Ex: Jane Doe ) and the Password you choose.

Make sure you also have The Social Mouse as your “log in grid” selection. Now Click on LOGIN. See You There!


If you need any help at all please click the chat bubble to the right.