Maintenance 17/08/2018

Hello, My Social Citizens,

Thank You for all of your patience with the last few updates, Here is a list of existing features and *NEW* features


*New Features*

  • The search function works in all regions.
  • Search Functions Active: Classified, Groups, People, Land Sales, Places *All Search/Classic in Singularity Only*, Search is enabled for HyperGrid Visitors
  • *Search Function: Events is in progress.
  • Offline Group messages are working
  • OSSL NPC function is enabled for Parcel and Region Owners.
  • New Weather System in progress.


Existing features:



  • Online Maps (see your Region from the website!) Here


  • Online Partner request Here
  • Online Ticket System *Everyone Logs in with their ¬†Grid Name and rest your password in order to use it* Here
  • Live Chat – IM the Live Chat for ANY help.













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