Welcome to The Social Mouse

In Game Footage Below.


What can I do in the Social Mouse?


You Can…

Explore Thousands of user-created destinations.

You Can…

Build Destinations
Build anything ! Your Imagination is your only limitation.

You Can…

Design a New You
Create an avatar that will represent you in the world (Human or Non Human and everything inbetween).

You Can…

Have a Movie Night
Meet up with other residents and enjoy a wide range of movies.

You Can..

Have Fun
Live your best Virtual Life. How you live it is limited to your imagination.

You Can..

Meet Interesting People
Meet other users from around the world and enjoy them.


Why Should I Live in The Social Mouse?

Adults Only
This is a Adult Virtual World.

Free Land
  All Residents are able to live in one of the Free Communities in the Social Mouse.

Dedicated Servers
  The Social Mouse Virtual World is Hosted on  Microsoft  Dedicated Servers and Ubunto Dedicated Servers.

HyperGrid Enabled
  The Social Mouse Virtual World is Hyper Grid enabled – Your Social Mouse Avatar can Travel to other Virtual Worlds and discover new people and items there !.
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